Stephen Hartke

BLESSED ARE THEY THAT SOW AND SHALL NOT REAP (2015) Anthem for Double Mixed Choir Commissioned by the Golden Bridge, Suzi Digby, Music Director Duration:  4 Minutes BLESSED ARE THEY THAT SOW AND SHALL NOT REAP Avraham Ben Yitzakh (1883-1950) English version by Robert Mezey (Text used by permission) Blessed are they that sow and shall not reap For they wander far. Blessed are they that freely give all that they have, The glory of their youth has made the sunlight richer And they threw away their medals at the crossroads. Blessed are they whose pride brims over their banks And becomes white and humble When the rainbow raises its arch in the clouds. Blessed are they that know their hearts cry out in the wilderness, Silence flowers on their lips. Blessed, blessed are they, they shall be gathered to the heart of the world, Warm in the coat of forgetfulness, Eternal silence their offering And their reward.
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